BOHEMKI's are unusual homes, decorated by J.L. Giadima, writer and artist who love the stories hidden in each item he found around antique markets, because every object tell him stories about peoples and ages.

Each object is at the center of a tense poetic universe between different languages,

suspended between trespassing from one issue to another, from one technique to another expressiveness.

Walking around these houses, it seems to walk the corridors and rooms of a retrospective exhibition of works of art

that tell the visual path of Giadima, created over the past twenty years.

"All things of the past - clothing, objects, books, knickknacks, paintings, furniture, old photographs, have a total fascination on me. Why not aa risco not think about who wore those clothes, used those objects, read those books , who focused on those paintings, those who spent a lifetime on those tables. Destroy them or worse forget them would seem to me an outrage, sacrilege, almost as if you cancel the presence of so many previous esistenzze to mine. reinterpret them is a way to offer them another chance and, at the same time honor the memory of those who lived before me, through his personal suffering "

And what we love, is share it with you, as an Alive Museum of Contemporary Art.


“It was a rellay nice, extraordirary flat. Really arty and charming!

The host was super kind and really open-minded.

We would definetely come back!”

LUIZA, Holand

27th Galleria Umberto I - Napoli

12th Via P. Maroncelli - Milano


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